Yerkin Shaimerdenov

Nigerian Tulip International Colleges, Abuja, Nigeria


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    The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Anxiety in Secondary School Students
    Author(s): Ochilbek Rakhmanov, Yerkin Shaimerdenov and Senol Dane*

    Introduction: COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown period may have serious negative effects on education in secondary schools. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on anxiety levels in Nigerian secondary school students. Materials and Method: One hundred thirty-five senior and 152 junior secondary school students were included in the study. Data was collected by using a survey. The GAD-7 was used to assess the anxiety level of the students against the Covid-19 pandemic. The examination anxiety was measured by using STAI. Results: Female students had more examination anxiety compared to male students. The examination anxiety was lower in isolated group than in non-isolated group. Whether they have relative with COVID-19 or not has no effect on anxiety. Most of both se.. Read More»

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