Zeel U Khandla

Department of General Surgery, AMCMET medical college, Affiliated to L.G. Hospital, Ahmedabad, India


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    Study of Collagen Based Dressing for Wound Healing
    Author(s): Prashant N Mukadam, Dip H Joshi, Jaykumar J Mandanka*, Parth C Shah and Zeel U Khandla

    Background and Objective: In past few centuries, medicine is so much advanced despite that management of chronic wounds remains a tough challenge. To solve this, a lot of modalities of dressings and local applicants have been developed. Continued research for good functional biological dressings resulted in the evolution of collagen-based dressings for wounds which have proven to be superior. Collagen dressings possess properties, which lend themselves to creating a wound environment favorable to the migration of cells from the epidermal margin across granulation tissue, encouraging wound closure. Methodology: A total of 50 cases clinically presenting as ulcer between June 2017 and July 2019 were taken for study. Each case was examined clinically in systematic manner as per the proforma. Collagen based dressing was used and outcome was measured by recording wound scores on days 3, 7 a.. Read More»

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