Zeinab Kaviani

Department of Pediatrics, Tehran, Iran


  • Research Article   
    Evaluation of Neonatal Jaundice in the First Day of Life
    Author(s): Zohreh Saeedi, Ziba Mosayebi, Amir Ali Movahedian, Zeinab Kaviani and Amir Hossein Movahedian*

    Background: Jaundice in the first day of life is generally considered as pathologic. In this study we aimed to evaluate the etiologies of jaundice in the neonates who were admitted on the first day of life. Materials and Methods: In this retrospective cross-sectional study, all the neonates with gestational age of more than 35 weeks with jaundice in the first day of life who were admitted in Vali-e-Asr Hospital, Tehran, Iran, during 2015-2018 were investigated. Data including gestational age, delivery type, birth weight, sex, neonatal age (hours), maternal disease, maternal age, parity, maternal and neonatal blood group, serum levels of bilirubin and haemoglobin, reticulocyte count, peripheral blood smear results, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) activity and therapeutic interventions were evaluated. Results: Of the 1512 neonates who were admitted for neona.. Read More»

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