Assessment of Haematological Changes in Pregnant Women of Ido, Ondo State, Nigeria | Abstract

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Assessment of Haematological Changes in Pregnant Women of Ido, Ondo State, Nigeria

Author(s): JEmmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu*, Oluwayanmife Joseph Adepoju, Chukwuma J Okafor, Getrude Uzoma Obeagu, Adaobi Maryann Ibekwe, Pat Uzo Okpala and Chekwube C Agu


The study was done to determine and compare the haematological parameters of pregnant women with non-pregnant women at Olorunsogo Road Area of Ido, Ondo state. Nigeria. The study is a hospital based cross-sectional study among pregnant women and women who are apparently healthy individuals. A total of two hundred subjects were recruited for the study. One hundred (100) pregnant women and one hundred (100) non-pregnant women were recruited as controls and enrolled in this study. The data were presented in tables and were presented as mean ± standard deviation and added using statistical packages for social sciences (SPSS, Version 20.0) and level of significance set at as p≤ 0.05. The table above shows the significant difference in the PCV (p=0.001), HGB(p=0.000),RBC(p=0.022), LYM(p=0.034), PLT(p=0.002) MCV(p=0.002), MCH(p=0.023), WBC(p=0.003), Neut(p=0.038), Mono(p=0.044) and Eosin(p=0.023) and no significant difference in MCHC (p=0.674). In conclusion we found a significant reduction in packed cell volume, haemoglobin, red blood cell count; lymphocyte and platelet count in pregnant women while mean values of Mean Cell Volume, Mean cell hemoglobin, White blood cell count, neutrophil, monocyte and eosinophil had a significant increase in pregnant subjects compared to the non-pregnant women.

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