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Binge Drinking Effects on Teenagers: A Review

Author(s): Allah Baksh Meer, Meer Zakirulla*, Hussain Almubarak, Mohammed Ibrahim, Nadiah Mohammed Alasmari, Nouf Essa Assiri, Albatool Mohammed Alqahtani and Rasha Hussain Alzahrani


Aim: Alcohol is considered as a normal part of adult and teen social life. The use of alcohol by young people is harmful because of the risks associated with acute impairment as well as it is a threat to their long term development and wellbeing. The Purpose of this review is to determine teenage drinking patterns and to determine the influence of alcohol on teenager’s physical, mental and social wellbeing, to see the relationship exists between the accessibility of alcohol and binge drinking among teenagers and to assess if binge drinking and teenage pregnancy coexists in the UK.

Methods: Relevant studies were included in the study so that it can be aligned to the topic which is Binge Drinking. These articles were chosen from January 2000 to June 2010 to understand the current trends. Data was searched in databases such as British Medical Journal, British Medical Association, PubMed, Science Direct and other research article databases. The method chosen was the systematic review quantitative analysis.

Results: From this study, it was found that binge drinking has deleterious consequences on teenagers. There is also evidence that teenagers have not only easy access but also to cheap alcohol which gives more opportunity to binge.

Conclusion: From this public health viewpoint reinforcing the alcohol policy and involving parents, adolescents and communities in an integrated program will have a positive impact on young adults.

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