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Bonding Protocol for all Ceramic Restorations-A Proposal for a Clinical Decision Tree

Author(s): Amrutha Shenoy, Vinay Sivaswamy and Subhabrata Maiti*


Statement of problem: With an increasing number of all ceramic materials available for clinical use, an overview of the scientific literature on the adhesion methods for different all ceramic materials and their potential influence is indicated. Aim: This study proposed the development of a protocol for bonding of all ceramic prostheses using various adhesives/cements for the improvement of the longevity of restorations. Materials and methods: A decision tree protocol was developed with criteria (i) Type of all ceramic material: Alumina, lithium disilicate and zirconia. (ii) Type of surface treatment, if any required (iii) Type of adhesive/cement/ luting agent used for long term success. (iv) Survival rates and complication rates seen with different bonding protocols. A decision tree protocol was set up with the current available literature. Results: According to the literature, multiple all-ceramic materials and systems are currently available for clinical use, and there is no single universal material or system that can be used in all clinical situations. The successful application is dependent upon the clinician to match the materials, manufacturing techniques, and cementation or bonding procedures, with the individual clinical situation. Conclusion: There are various methods that can be used for treatment of ceramic bonding. Further continued investigations will be needed for the appropriate protocol updates.

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