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Efficacy of Intra Periodontal Pocket Application with Combined Chlorhexidine and Hydrogen Peroxide on the Bleeding on Probing and Anaerobic Bacterial Viable Count

Author(s): Ahmed Kareem*, Basima Ghafory and Abbas S Al-Mizraqchi


Introduction: Periodontal pocket is a pathologically deepening of gingival sulcus along with subgingival contamination of hard and soft tissues. Scaling and root planning is an effective treatment in addition to supra gingival plaque managing. Many studies show that the adjunctive use of sub gingival antimicrobial agents with scaling and root planning resulted in improvement clinically and microbiologically.

Aim: To determine if scaling and root planning alone or in combination with 0.2% chlorhexidine and 3% hydrogen peroxide gel (Glucosite gel) have a significant effect on total viable count of anaerobic bacteria and bleeding on probing. Materials and methods: A total 136 periodontal pockets of 20 patients of both sexes aged from 35 to 50 years which have at least two periodontal pockets ranged from 5-6 mm on each side participated in this study, treated with split mouth technique. One side treated via scaling and root planning only, while the other side combined with glucosite gel. Bleeding on probing and total viable anaerobic count was recorded at day zero and after 4 weeks. With exclusion patients who were pregnant, smokers, had systemic diseases or who on orthodontic or periodontal treatment. SPSS for windows was used for data analysis.

Results: Glucosite gel adjunctive to scaling and root planning reduced significantly bleeding on probing and subgingival viable anaerobic bacteria in comparison to scaling and root planning alone.

Conclusion: Applications of glucosite gel subgingivally in combination with scaling and root planning have additional effects on clinical and microbiological periodontal outcomes.

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