Evaluating Three Different Gels in Treating and Protecting the Primary Teeth Enamel Surface Erosion | Abstract

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Evaluating Three Different Gels in Treating and Protecting the Primary Teeth Enamel Surface Erosion

Author(s): Zain Alabdeen Abdul Abbas Noaman1*, Ali Jameel Abdulsahib2


Aim: To compare the effect of NHA gel, HA gel and NaF gel in treating the eroded enamel surface of the primary teeth.
Objectives: Detecting the structure changes of primary enamel surface (surface roughness analysis and surface
nanostructure) following erosive exposure to Pepsi, after treatment with NHA gel, HA gel and NaF gel and for the treated.
Material and methods: NHA, HA gels will be prepared and FTIR test to evaluate it. Thirty sound buccal segment of primary
first or second molar will be exposed to Pepsi for 60 minutes with shaking 3 times daily for 10 days. Then, the erosive effect
of the acid beverage on the primary tooth surface enamel will be studied. After that, different treating gels will be applied to
study the remineralization effects on the primary surface enamel. In order to evaluate the preventive effect of the NHA-gel,
HA-gel and NaF gel on the treated teeth, a second acid beverage exposure will be conducted. At the end, the primary surface
enamel of the sample will be studied again to evaluate the protective effect of applied gel. Spectroscopic morphology (2D,
3D picture) will be studied in the three phases.
Results: Ra, Rq, Rz decrease in remineralization phase and at least in (NHA, NAF, HA) respectively, with p<0.05 between
(NHH, HA) but p>0.05 between (NHA, NAF) also (HA, NAF). Ra, Rq, Rz slightly increase in preventive phase p<0.05 between
(NHA, NA) also (NHA, NAF) but p>0.05 between (HA, NAF).
Conclusion: 10% NHA gel better than HA, NAF gels in treatment and prevention the effect of erosion cause by Pepsi cola.

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