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Feedback Of 2nd Year MBBS Students on Online Teaching Vs Classroom Teaching Methodology in Pharmacology: A Questionnaire Based Study

Author(s): Shailja Singh* and Asha Jha


SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome) causing COVID-19 disease, has wreaked havoc in most of the nations all around the globe. Lockdowns of schools were seen in 172 countries in the initial half of the year 2020, compromising the education of about 1.5 billion students/pupils. All healthcare institutions had to close down onsite teaching leading to disruption of training of medical students. Offline teaching which is considered a more traditional style of guidance has been used as the primary modality for instruction for many years but due to pandemic a shift has taken place. In the above mentioned scenario, taking the classes online is the only feasible and most accessible option for continuing medical education/training. There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to this change from offline to online teaching which has been researched by many studies. Aim of the study is to study the perception of 2nd year MBBS students towards online learning versus the conventional offline leaning for the subject of pharmacology during the Cov-2 crisis. Type of study is questionnaire based cross sectional observational study. The locus of study is the Department of Pharmacology, DMIMS. Sample size of the study is100 and the study group is 2nd year MBBS students. The expected outcome of this study is hypothesized to be that students will report satisfaction with online teaching methods with ability to understand and connect the theoretical knowledge taught via recorded/live lectures together but will have trouble understanding practical and clinical knowledge taught via online platform as that requires a higher level of discussion.

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