Oral Surgery Learning Outcome during Covid-19 Lockdown A Student-Based Evaluation | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Oral Surgery Learning Outcome during Covid-19 Lockdown A Student-Based Evaluation

Author(s): Faaiz Alhamdani*, Atheer Talib and Mustafa Rashad


Purpose: This study aims to determine the influence of COVID19 Lockdown on the learning outcome for oral surgery subject from students’ perspective

Study design: a cross-sectional study

Methods: Three hundred and seventy-nine students from 3 dental schools in Iraq were approached by the researchers. They were asked to answer a specifically designed questionnaire for the study.

Results: Mann-Whitney U Test showed no significant difference (p>0.05) between the negative influence of the lockdown on general dental and oral surgical knowledge. The same test, however, showed a highly significant difference between the influence of COVID19 on oral surgery theory and oral surgery practice (p<0.001). Fifth-year students showed more benefit of time compared to 4th and 3rd-year students. YouTube was the main source of information in both theory and practice (around 77%, and 85% respectively).

Conclusion: oral surgery lost its peculiarity among other dental subjects due to COVID19 lockdown. This lockdown, also, appear to have negative influence on students’ control of time. YouTube was an important educational source for in oral surgery.

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