Faaiz Alhamdani

College of Dentistry, IbnSina University of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Oral Surgery Learning Outcome during Covid-19 Lockdown A Student-Based Evaluation
    Author(s): Faaiz Alhamdani*, Atheer Talib and Mustafa Rashad

    Purpose: This study aims to determine the influence of COVID19 Lockdown on the learning outcome for oral surgery subject from students’ perspective Study design: a cross-sectional study Methods: Three hundred and seventy-nine students from 3 dental schools in Iraq were approached by the researchers. They were asked to answer a specifically designed questionnaire for the study. Results: Mann-Whitney U Test showed no significant difference (p>0.05) between the negative influence of the lockdown on general dental and oral surgical knowledge. The same test, however, showed a highly significant difference between the influence of COVID19 on oral surgery theory and oral surgery practice (p<0.001). Fifth-year students showed more benefit of time compared to 4th and 3rd-year .. Read More»

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