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Orthodontic Therapy as an Adjunct to Prosthetic Rehabilitation for Restoring Esthetics and Function: An Interdisciplinary Case Report

Author(s): Akanksha Kumar*, Apurv Mamidwar, Narendra Sharma, Ranjit Kamble, Sunita Shrivastav and Shriya Murarka


Introduction: Patients seeking replacement of missing teeth in the esthetic zone alongwith any co-existing malocclusion often present a formidable challenge and call for an interdisciplinary approach for achieving results that are both functionally and esthetically acceptable and stable. For comprehensive oral rehabilitation, pre-prosthetic orthodontics can successfully improve the prognosis of restorative treatment and optimize the outcome. In these cases, thorough communication between the Orthodontist and the Prosthodontist is essential in order to make a prudent decision for the benefit of the patient and establish their treatment objectives.

Case description: This case report describes the management of a 17 years old male patient with three missing maxillary incisors treated with a combined orthodontic-prosthodontic interdisciplinary approach utilizing customized modifications in the treatment mechanics including bracket substitutions, premolar extractions, determination and redistribution of space for adequate prosthetic replacement, incorporation of riding pontic and lateralization of canines to facilitate the final definitive prosthesis in achieving the desired functional and esthetic goals.

Conclusion: The case was finished with definite enhancement in macro, mini and micro-esthetics with optimal functional occlusion.

Clinical significance: This case emphasizes the significance of detailed adjunctive orthodontics in such integrated protocols to bring about considerable improvement and efficiency in treatment results.

Keywords: Pre-prosthetic Orthodontics, Canine lateralization, Interdisciplinary treatment, Adjunctive Orthodontics, Riding pontic, Bracket substitution

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