Results of Preclinical Studies to Assess the Effect of Food Composition Components on Reproductive Health | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Results of Preclinical Studies to Assess the Effect of Food Composition Components on Reproductive Health

Author(s): Tatiyana Vasilievna Alekseeva*, Irina Valentinovna Cheryomushkina, Elena Vladimirovna Belokurova, Yulia Olegovna Kalgina and Lyudmila Andreevna Malakova


The paper presents the results of studies on the effect of food composition (FC) components on the clinical and biochemical status of laboratory animals in the in vivo experiment. The FC consisted of, g/100 g: albumin light - 30; MZWG - 45; white beans - 25. The experimental results have shown the absence of a biocidal effect to P. caudatum, which indicates the absence of potential toxic effects on the human body and confirms that the FC is biologically safe for human health. Assessment of the biotic potential indicates effective assimilation of the FC nutrient components. Counting the number of P. caudatum organisms developing on the substrate, including FC, revealed a smaller (by 22.3%) negative effect in all control points relative to chicken egg protein. The FC standardized relative bioavailability against the control had a significant value (77.7 %), which allows it to be classified as a raw protein source to develop targeted food formulations. In-vivo experiments in white inbred mice of the BALB/c line have shown that the development of laboratory animals in the early stages proceeded without significant deviations in the indicators by group. At the end of the experiment (day 36), a significant increase in weight of experimental group 2 laboratory mice, whose feed contained the studied enricher, was established, indicating a high digestibility of feed with FC. The dynamics of clinical and biochemical parameters indicates not only the normal course of metabolic processes but also a higher level of digestibility of carbohydrates of the experimental group feed. The calcium and phosphorus level in the experimental group was higher against the control one by 12.5 % and 10.5 %, respectively, which indicates the high availability and digestibility of trace elements, both available in the feed and introduced with FC. A similar level of alkaline phosphatase against a stable content of trace elements confirms the collagen synthesis by osteoblasts at a normal level. This fact indicates the predominance of osteosynthesis processes in the bone tissue of laboratory mice. The data obtained testify to the possibility of the FC under study use in food technologies in the development of specific commercial product lines to improve the nutritional status of the population of reproductive age.

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