Salivary pH as a Diagnostic Marker in Oral Sub-Mucous Fibros | 102692

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Salivary pH as a Diagnostic Marker in Oral Sub-Mucous Fibrosis

Author(s): Nelakurthi Vidya Maheswari* and Aarati Panchbhai


Oral sub mucous fibrosis precancerous, long standing, progressive disease of oral cavity containing fibrous bands in oral mucosa. Various factors have been predicted to cause the changes in salivary pH. Habitual areca nut and tobacco chewing are one of the most important causes of salivary pH changes in oral sub mucous fibrosis. As saliva is easily collected from oral cavity it can be used as diagnostic marker for many diseases. Saliva contains an enzyme superoxide dismutase that has antioxidative property. Long term intake of tobacco and its substances decrease the activity of this enzyme. Present review concludes that there is no account alteration in salivary pH of normal individuals and oral sub mucous individuals however, the salivary pH of oral sub mucous fibrosis patients is slightly alkaline as compared to normal healthy individuals after habitual chewing substance.

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