Abdalbseet A Fatalla

Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq


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    The Effect of Tellurium Oxide Micro Particles Incorporation into PMMA on Candida Albicans Adherence
    Author(s): Reyam Hassan Hazim* and Abdalbseet A Fatalla

    Background: For centuries, naturally accessible items have been widely used in the treatment of human disease. The current study aimed to scientifically determine the antifungal effectiveness of tellurium oxide against Candida Albicans adherence to polymethelmethacrylate (PMMA) material. Methods: The antifungal ability of tellurium oxide evaluated against Candida Albicans adherence by incorporation of TEO into PMMA monomer in concentration (1%, 3%, 5%, 7% by wt.). Twenty five samples were prepared and divided into five groups (control group and four experimental groups), five samples for each group. The sterile PMMA samples were placed in sterilized tubes containing Sabouraud dextrose broth, in which a small quantity of the isolated yeast was suspended, and incubated at room temperature for 1 hour. The specimens were then removed, rinsed with phosphate buffered saline, dried, fixed wi.. Read More»

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