Abdulla MW Al-Shamma

Department of Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry, College of Dentistry, Baghdad University, Iraq


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    Immediate and Long Term Gingival Marginal Leakage of Two Bioactive Bulk Fill Restorative Materials (A Comparative in vitro Study)
    Author(s): Shelan Sadeq Jumaah, and Abdulla MW Al-Shamma*

    Objective: The aim of this study was to examine Immediate and long term gingival marginal leakage of two bioactive restorative materials in cl II cavity preparations. Materials and methods: Forty eight maxillary first premolar teeth of comparable sizes were collected and allocated into three main groups according to the restorative materials used (n=16): Group (A): Filtek™ Bulk Fill, Group (B): Predicta™bulk bioactive composite, Group (C): ACTIVA™ bioactive composite. Two slot cavities, with standardized dimensions, were prepared in each tooth (3mm buccolingual, 2mm mesiodistal, and mesial gingival margin located 1mm coronal to CEJ and distal gingival margin located 1mm apical to CEJ (.All groups were further divided into two subgroups according to the storage periods: subgroup1 (n=8) the teeth were stored for 24 hours, while in subgroup2 (n=8) for 90 days in SBF as .. Read More»

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