Aditi Sharma

Department of General Surgery, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College and Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India


  • Case Series   
    Oncoplastic Surgical Technique in Granulomatous Mastitis-A Case Series
    Author(s): Manish Kaushal and Aditi Sharma*

    Introduction: Granulomatous mastitis is a chronic inflammatory lesion of the breast with varying presentation. It is a benign etiology with high recurrence rates that mimic breast malignancy. Well defined guidelines for the treatment of granulomatous mastitis do not exist but most recommended treatment includes medical management with antibiotics and steroids and wide surgical excision of the diseased tissue. We here discuss excision of the breast lump using Oncoplastic techniques thus providing good aesthetics. Methods: 6 patients who presented to our OPD with breast lumps and fistula were made a diagnosis of GM by exclusion. Wide excision with the application of therapeutic mammoplasty principles were used in each of them and patients were followed for 6 months post op to see the results. Outcome: All 6 patients showed remission with no recurrence 6 months post op and a good breast .. Read More»

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