AR Bharathi

Department of Nursing, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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    The Equivalent Study to Assess the Stress Level mid Wives of Wives of Non- Alcoholics and Alcoholics in a Hospital in Chengalpattu
    Author(s): AR Bharathi*

    To measure the physiological, social, economic, psychological and educational problems faced by wives of alcoholic dependence, To find out the association between the level of problems faced by wives of alcoholic dependence with demographic variables like age, education occupation, income, and pattern of drinking alcohol, To find the Linear regression between demographic variables with problems faced by wives of alcoholic dependence such as physiological and psychological problems. Among other substance or drugs, alcohol is the most frequently abused drug. Alcoholism is one of the major problems in this country and the world in general. This problem is affecting not only the person who is consuming alcohol it also affects all other people who are living around him. The spouses of the alcoholics are mostly affected. Stress has a negative impact on one’s mental and physical health.. Read More»

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