Asim Kurjak

Medical School, Universities of Zagreb and Sarajevo, Zagreb, Croatia


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    Pregnancy Success Predictive Value of Endometrial and Uterine Doppler Markers When Using Oral Ovarian Induction Medication in Subfertile Patients
    Author(s): Median Atia Alkhalaf Almamou* and Asim Kurjak

    Background: Most of the studies evaluating doppler use in endometrial receptivity and infertility management were in IVF cycles. None or few done to evaluate them with oral ovulation induction. We think that doppler can predict success rate with oral infertility management. Methods: This study is a randomized prospective study. Infertile Patients with PCOS or unexplained subfertility were recruited from couples following with the infertility unit at Al-Moosa Hospital in Al-Ahsa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Randomization is done to use either clomiphene or letrozole. On the hCG trigger day and the mid-luteal day, we compared sub endometrial arteries and uterine artery doppler markers, Applebaum scoring system, endometrial thickness and blood vessels flow, the pattern between positive and negative test groups. .. Read More»

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