Auday M Al-Anee

Department of Orthodontics, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    The Relation between Bone Density and Implant Stability, with Osseodensification One Stage Crestal Sinus Lift: A Prospective Clinical Study
    Author(s): Jenna Z Alhayati and Auday M Al-Anee*

    Background: One of the most important factors for successful osseointegration is primary stability. Many techniques have been tried in the past to improve implant primary stability in low bone density. The posterior maxilla is thought to have the lowest bone density. Furthermore, pneumatization of the maxillary sinus has a significant impact on bone height, which affects implant installation, in addition to poor density. Salah Huwais established the osseodensification technique in 2015, which employs a densifying bur to create a minimal plastic deformation. It is a unique biomechanical osteotomy preparation approach that uses a non-excavating drilling procedure to assist preserve bone. The nonexcavated compacted bone elevates and penetrates the sinus floor without perforating or breaching the membrane. Osseodensification has also improved implant stability by increasing peripheral and.. Read More»

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