Cengiz Z Altuntas

Texas Institute of Biotechnology Education & Research (TIBER), North American University, 11929 W Airport Blvd Houston, TX 77477, USA


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    Identifying Potential Inhibitors of the Human A-amylase Enzyme via Molecular Docking and Virtual Screening
    Author(s): Nursel Eski, Cengiz Z Altuntas, Harun Yilmaz and Senol Dane*

    Background: The alpha amylase enzyme plays a critical role in starch digestion to glucose, affecting the blood glucose levels present in one’s bloodstream. Objective: Inhibition of this enzyme can, potentially, modify its catalytic activity and treat a patient with diabetes mellitus. By preventing the catalysis of the a-amylase enzyme, the rate at which carbs break down to sugar and enter the bloodstream can be reduced, decreasing the glucose in one’s bloodstream. This can be done by performing molecular docking to test the binding affinity between phytochemicals and the active site of the protein. With the right dosage and concentration, the phytochemicals with the lowest, or best, binding affinity can be considered to later produce a promising drug that goes off as oral treatment that would be taken with one’s diet to slow the reaction rate. As this study is nothin.. Read More»

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