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    Correlation of Protein Level with the Severity of Early Childhood Caries
    Author(s): Anitha Jayakumar, Deepa Gurunathan* and Mebin George Mathew

    The present study was undertaken to correlate the serum albumin level with severity of early childhood caries. 56 Children with early childhood caries were recruited from outpatient reporting to the Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry. Oral examination was done. dmft index was scored and severity of ECC was recorded (Wyne’s classification). Blood samples were collected by venipuncture and the serum albumin level was estimated. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS vs. 23.0 Mean value of serum albumin level was found to be higher in the children with type 1 (mild to moderate) ECC and lower in type 3 (severe) ECC. Within the limits of our study we found that the relationship between the protein level and the early childhood caries was not statistically significant in this study. However lower serum albumin level was found in the children with type 3 (severe) ECC... Read More»

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