Elena Mikhaylovna Frunze

Penza State University, 40 Krasnaya Str., Penza, 440026, Russia


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    Comparative Characteristics of the Levels of Physical Development of Young Gujarati Males and Females
    Author(s): Oleg Vitalievich Kalmin* and Elena Mikhaylovna Frunze

    Purpose of the study: To examine at the sex-based differences in anthropometric and somatotypological parameters of Gujarati young males and young females at the age of 17-21 years. Materials and methods: The object of the study was a group of 147 young males and 105 young females of the Gujarati ethnicity, at the age of 17-21. Anthropometry was performed with a standard set of instruments followed by entering the data into a specially designed form. The measured parameters included the following: body length, weight, transverse chest diameter, sagittal chest diameter, chest circumference during a pause of breathing, maximum chest circumference now of inhalation, minimum chest circumference now of exhalation, shoulder width, pelvic width; besides that, the difference between the values of the chest circumference during inhalation and exhalation was calculated. The Pignet, Tanner, Eris.. Read More»

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