Elza Ibrahim Auerkari

Department of Oral Biology, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, 10430, Indonesia


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    Areca Nut (Areca catechu Linn.) Extract Induces Cell Cycle arrest and Reduces Ki-67 Activity in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells
    Author(s): Liza Meutia Sari, Gus Permana Subita and Elza Ibrahim Auerkari*

    Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) is the most common form of oral cancer and the focus on finding chemotherapeutic agents have recently shifted to natural products. Areca nut is a medicinal plant with various biological activities. However, not much data is available on the anti-cancer effect of areca nut extract. Due to the current interest in the potential activity of antioxidant in areca nut extract, we investigated its ability to induce cell cycle arrest and reduce Ki-67 activity in oral cancer cell lines: HSC-2 and HSC-3. The flow cytometry was conducted for the quantification of the cells that underwent cell cycle arrest and had the expression of Ki-67 protein. All determinations were analyzed using the unpaired t-test through SPSS with p<0.01 considered as significant. The areca nut extract induced a significant increase of the cell population in subG1 ph.. Read More»

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