Enas Fadhil Kadhim

Department of Oral Diagnosis, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq


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    Histological Evaluation of the Effect of Local Application of Bone Salioprotein on Bone Healing on Rat
    Author(s): Mayada Kamel Jaafar* and Enas Fadhil Kadhim

    Background: Bone may be basically exceedingly vascular, living, continually evolving mineralized connective tissue. It will be amazing to its hardness, flexibility furthermore regenerative capacity, as well as its characteristic growth mechanisms. Objectives: histological study to substantiate that bone salioprotein when applied locally on generated bone defect healing in rat tibia, it was very effectiveness. Material and method: In this study forty-eight albino male rats, weighting (300-400) gram, aged (6-8) months, will make utilized under control states for temperature, drinking and food utilization. The animals will subject for an intra-bony defect in medial side of tibiae bone, in control group (12 rats) the bone defect dealt with absorbable haemostatic sponge, same time the experimental group (12 rats) will be dealt with local application of 30 μl bone salioprotein settled to.. Read More»

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