Fateima Sameir Muhammed

Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Surface modification of CAD-CAM Machined Zirconia using the 60 Ás, 700 Ás Er.Cr: YSGG laser pulse duration
    Author(s): Fateima Sameir Muhammed* and Hussein Ali Jawad

    Background: CAD-CAM milled zirconia surface treatment, for improving the resin cement bonding, by using Er,Cr:YSGG laser. Materials and Methods: 112 sintered zirconia disc specimens (VITA YZ HT) were prepared. They are divided into 16 groups, each group of seven samples. Control group (L): un treated samples. Laser groups are depending on laser power, irradiation time, and pulse duration, include 15 groups: group (A): 20 s, 50 Hz, 60 µs. Group (B): 30 s, 50 Hz, 60 µs. Group (C): 40 s, 50 Hz, 60 µs. Group (D): 20 s, 50 Hz, 700 µs. And group (E): 30 s, 50 Hz, 700 µs, and fractional Er,Cr:YSGG laser groups: Group f/A: 20 s, 25 Hz, 60 µs. Group f/B: 30 s, 25 Hz, 60 µs. Group f/C: 40 s, 25 Hz. 60 µs. Group f/D: 30 s, 50 Hz. 60 µs. Group f/E: 40 s, 50 Hz. 60 µs. Group f/a: 20 s, 25 Hz, 700 µs. Group f/b: 30 s, 25 Hz, 700 &mic.. Read More»

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