Guddi Laishram

Department of Community Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha, India


  • Review   
    Review Article on obesity as a contributor to Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus among adolescents
    Author(s): Bhavya Rajeshwari and Guddi Laishram*

    Worldwide, the incidence of obesity causing the incidence of diabetes has been increasing in young adults. This has resulted in an epidemic of diabetes among the young in several countries, which earlier used to be just a disease more common in adults around 30-40 years of age or beyond. Adolescents nowadays are not involved in any outdoor activities or sports, are eating more junk foods rather than healthy and fibrous foods, spending more time on gadgets, sitting in one place, there is no movement at all, and are experiencing more psychological disturbances because of stress, pressure from peers and parents. In obesity, there is an increase in fat deposition in the body which is directly linked with an increase in insulin resistance, which is one of the causative factor of Type II diabetes Mellitus. Another reason which also causes obesity induced Type II Diabetes Mellitus is disturb.. Read More»

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