Gupta A

Department of Community Medicine, Bankura Sammilani Medical College, India, India


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    Knowledge and Awareness of Autogenous Teeth Bone Grafting Material (AutoBt) Among Dental Students-A Survey
    Author(s): Manna A, Gupta A, Tarafder M and Chakraborty S*

    Autogenous tooth bone material is a grafting material prepared from patients extracted teeth. The contents of this grafting material are similar to the contents of the alveolar bone due to some neural crest origin. It plays a positive role in bone remodeling and is used in various procedures. The aim of the study is to assess the knowledge and awareness of autogenous teeth as grafting material among dental students. An online survey was conducted among 100 students consisting of questions on autogenous tooth bone grafting material, its usage, forms, and process to test their knowledge. The result was obtained and respective responses were statistically analyzed in SPSS using descriptive analysis. 57% of the students had knowledge of autogenous tooth bone graft material. 49% answered correctly that it's similar to the contents of alveolar bone. 59% were unaware of its bone remodeli.. Read More»

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