K Mahammad Areef

Department of Pharmacology, Srilakshmi Venkateshwara Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Kothapeta, Proddatur, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India


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    Evaluation of Anti-Hyperlipidemic Activity of Clerodendrum Serratum on High Cholesterol Diet Induced Hyperlipidaemia in Rats
    Author(s): K Mahammad Areef*

    Obesity has turned up as one of the major health concerns in the 21st century and is one of the leading causes of preventable death. Obesity is a term applied to excess body weight with an abnormally high proportion of body fat. Thermo dynamically speaking, imbalance between energy intake (feeding) and energy expenditure. Development of obesity is, however, more complicated than that; sedentary life style, genetic factors, medical illness, microbiological aspects, social factors and neurobiological mechanisms are also involved. Pre-clinical evaluator study of compound can be done by using three animal models i.e., drug induced obesity, food induced obesity and genetically modified C57BL/6J female mice. The neuro active steroid, progesterone is a female reproductive hormone. Its level increases during the later phase of the menstrual cycle and controls the secretory phase of the endome.. Read More»

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