Lakshmi Thangavelu

Department of Pharmacology, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Saveetha University, India


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    Isolation of Cellulose Producing Marine Streptomyces Sp. from Sediment Samples and their Antioxidants Properties
    Author(s): Arunn Jaikumarr Ram, Sivaperumal Pitchiah*, Anitha Roy and Lakshmi Thangavelu

    Cellulase generated by cellulolytic bacteria helps to degrade the cellulose. This enzyme is considered a major industrial enzyme group and has several industrial applications. The bioconversion of renewable cellulose biomass to commodity chemicals is a potential challenge area where cellulase plays a central role. Marine Streptomyces species are drawing more and more attention as a promising source of new natural products. Oxidation causes Endothelial stress which is ultimately involved in endothelial dysfunction, which is obvious in adults with different cardiovascular conditions, including thalassemia. The sediment sample was collected from the Thondi area, Tamilnadu. The collected sample was sun dried for 48 hrs. and turned into fine powder by mortar and pestle. The actinobacteria was isolated and identified the marine actinobacteria with the help of aerial mass colour, melanoid pi.. Read More»

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