Mahsa Behnemoon

Department of Cardiology, Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Urmia, Iran


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    Correction of Severe Spinal Deformities Using Posterior Osteotomy in Young Patients: What are the Outcomes?
    Author(s): Mohammad Reza Etemadifar, Mehdi Koushkzari*, Ali Andalib and Mahsa Behnemoon

    Background: Surgical treatment of severe spinal deformities is a big challenge for most spine surgeons. From both patient and surgeon's perspectives, balanced correction without major complications is the goal. Several strategies have been used to reach this aim. Posterior spine osteotomies (POs) eliminate longer hospital stays for traction and obviate the need for combined anterior and posterior approaches thus minimizing complications. There are potential complications associated with POs especially three column osteotomies. Methods: This is a retrospective-cohort-study conducted on 57 patients with severe rigid spinal deformity who underwent POs from 2013-2017. Patients' demographics (e.g. age, sex), type and severity of spinal deformity, type of osteotomy including smith Peterson osteotomy (SPO), pedicle subtraction osteotomy (PS.. Read More»

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