Maryam Hasan Hugri

Department of Maxilloofacial Surgery and Diagnostic Sciences, College of Dentisry, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia


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    Enhancement of Dental X-rays Images Using Image Processing Techniques
    Author(s): Yousif Mohamed Y Abdallah*, Nouf H Abuhadi and Maryam Hasan Hugri

    Background: Medical imaging uses to clinical evaluation of the dental anatomy and pathology. Billions of images are performed globally. Imaging processing technique is used for helping accuracy of diagnosis by increasing the image quality. The dental images consider as a simple mixture of (unwanted) background information, diagnostic information, and noise. Aim: This paper is performed to enhance the dental images quality by denoising and detecting the dental structures. Materials and methods: This study design is experimental study done on dental images who are preliminarily diagnosed as having different oral diseases and is focused on using the image processing techniques to enhance the image quality of dental x-rays (OPG and Periapical) A convenience sampling was done and dental images were collected and then were treated by using MatLab program. Data analysis was done by using Mat.. Read More»

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