Muhammad Abdullah Kamran

Department of Orthodontics, Abha, Saudi Arabia


  • Short Commentary   
    Whether Human Saliva a Useful Tool for the Diagnosis of COVID-19
    Author(s): Mehwash Kashif, Sana Iqbal* and Muhammad Abdullah Kamran

    Background: COVID-19 may be present in the saliva of contaminated patients. There is a need to build tools for diagnosis of COVID-19 in oral liquids which helps in prompt diagnosis. Methodology: Article tracks the use of saliva in the modern diagnosis of COVID-19. Different web searches like Google scholar, Scopus, PubMed to search the content. Results: There is strong evidence for the presence of a viral genome in human saliva which suggests that it can be used in the diagnosis of a deadly virus. Conclusion: Saliva can be considered as an effective tool for the diagnosis of COVID-19... Read More»

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