Murat Akyuz

Department of Business Administration, Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria


  • Research   
    Effective Management of Fake Drugs in Ghana, Nigeria, and Turkey
    Author(s): Senol Dane*, Murat Akyuz and Michael Isaac Opusunju

    This study utilized a comprehensive review of the literature based on online databases to investigate the effective management of fake drugs in Nigeria, Ghana, and Turkey. The study conceptualized the menace of fake drugs and provided a common framework by which countries under study effectively manage the problem of fake drugs in their respective counties-measures undertaken to curb the counterfeit and substandard drug issues. The study concluded that, the trade in counterfeit and inferior pharmaceuticals jeopardizes not only the health system but all public institutions and that all the stakeholders involved, whether in Ghana, Nigeria, Turkey, or around the globe, must work together... Read More»

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