Nadia Khurshid

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Government Medical College, Baramulla , Jammu and Kashmir, India


  • Review Article   
    Evaluation of Perinatal Hypoxic Encephalopathy with Advanced MR Sequences
    Author(s): Imtiyaz Khan, Nadia Khurshid*, Irshad Paul, Feroze Shaheen and Mushtaq Bhat

    Background Perinatal hypoxic encephalopathy among important causes of neurological morbidity and mortality in full-term neonates. Identifying ischemic injury clinically usually is difficult in the immediate postnatal period, nonspecific clinical features are present and considerations regarding initiation of active life preserving therapies are needed. MR imaging is the most sensitive and specific imaging technique available for the assessment of perinatal birth asphyxia related brain injury in term-born neonates. This study investigates the utility of MR spectroscopy peak ratios, ADC values along with conventional MRI. Objectives To compare the association of encephalopathy following hypoxia in term neonates with proton MRS ratios and ADC values. Materials and Methods Conventional MRI (.. Read More»

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