Nawar Bahjet Kamil

Department of Oral Diagnosis, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    The Occurrence of Dental Anomalies among the Students of the College of Dentistry at University of Baghdad in 2018-2019
    Author(s): Nawar Bahjet Kamil*

    Aim: To study the prevalence and the most common of the developmental dental anomalies in dental students (2018-1019). Material and methods: The dental students in the collage of Dentistry/Baghdad university were included in this study, 600 students were clinically and radiography examined and assessment of the dental anomalies was carried on which included the number of anomalies, shape and positions of the anomalies. Results: In the current study, 250 dental students had a dental anomalies among 600 dental students that were examined, the highest percentage of the dental anomalies were recorded in males than in females, the highest percentage was recorded in 23 years old (36%) followed by 22 years old (28.8%), and the lowest percentage was recorded in 18 years old (1.2%). Also the highest percentage was recorded .. Read More»

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