Praful Bhargava

Department of Community Medicine, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, (Deemed to be Universit, India


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    Mutations: Its Impact on Diagnosis and Development of Vaccines
    Author(s): Praful Bhargava*

    The Coronaviridae family contains a significant number of lineages seen in a variety of mammals and birds. The propensity of Betacoronaviridiae to switch hosts often suggests that ?SARS CoV-2? is clearly a zoonotic virus. ?SARS COV-2? is an enclosed positive stranded RNA virus that belongs to Nidovirales group. The amount, size, and the type of structural proteins varied significantly amongst Nidovirus groups. In case of COVID-19 virus mutations can be beneficial or deleterious. These can be addition, deletion, inversion. When a virus circulates unchecked and immunisation rates are low or if one dose of a two dose vaccine are given then probability of mutation increases. Mutation rate depends on virus but is affected by natural selection, genetic drift, and other processes like recombination. Various sorts of trials have been undertaken thus far in order to produce an antiviral me.. Read More»

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