Rajasree varma

Department of Pathology, Government Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala, India


  • Research Article   
    Clinicopathological Study of Granular Cell Tumors: A 4 Year Retrospective Study from a Tertiary Care Centre in Kerala
    Author(s): Rajasree varma*

    Background: Granular cell tumor is a rare, mostly benign neoplasm, which can affect a variety of body sites. The cell of origin is considered to be Schwann cells. Granular cell tumors can affect all ages and both genders, but it is classically found in middle aged females. They may be detected incidentally or may present as small solitary painless nodules. Most granular cell tumors behave indolently. However, they may pose diagnostic difficulties when they mimic malignancy radiologically and clinically. A minority of these lesions can be malignant and have worse prognosis. These malignant granular cell tumors can be diagnosed histopathologically or by identifying metastasis. Histopathological examination is the gold standard method for diagnosing the lesion and assessing malignant transformation in granular cell tumors. Methods: This was a ret.. Read More»

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