Sema Avci

Department of Emergency Medicine, Usak University Medical Faculty, Usak, Turkey


  • Research   
    Albumin, pH, PaCO2 and Alveolar-Arterial Gradient Difference Can Predict 30Day Mortality in COPD Exacerbation
    Author(s): Sema Avci and Gokhan Perincek

    Introduction: Early treatment, prognosis and short-term mortality prediction of COPD exacerbation are substantial for physicians in the ED. To compare the A-a O2 gradient (together with expected A-a O2 gradient, A-a O2 gradient difference), inflammatory markers (CRP, CAR, procalcitonin, NLR, PLR), and arterial blood gas (pH, pCO2, lactate clearance) in predicting COPD exacerbation patients’ 30-day mortality. Methods: A questionnaire was designed for each patient, including detailed demographic profile, smoking status, comorbidities, vital signs, laboratory results and outcomes (discharge, hospitalization, ICU, 30-day mortality). Results: 135 (60.3%) of the cases were male and 89 (39.7%) were female. Their ages ranged from 48 to 95 years, with an average o.. Read More»

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