Shaimaa Hussein Ali

College of Science, Al-Qasim Green University, Iraq


  • Research   
    Study Level of Some Biochemical Markers in Male and Female Osteoporosis Patients
    Author(s): Shaimaa Hussein Ali*, Hussein Jasim Obaid Al-Harbi and Hussein Jasim Obaid Al-Harbi

    Osteoporosis and consequent fracture are not limited to postmenopausal women. There is increasing attention being paid to osteoporosis in older men. Men suffer osteoporotic fractures about 10 years later in life than women, but life expectancy is increasing faster in men than women. Thus, men are living long enough to fracture, and when they do the consequences are greater than in women. The main purpose of this study is the measuring serum level of (CX3C, Bone sialoprotein, Gelsolin, Cathepcin K, Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorous and Alkaline phosphatase) in 100 patients (20 men and 80 women) and 50 as control group (19 men and 31women). The statistical analysis of results showed that the serum level of (CX3C, Gelsolin and Cathepcin K) increase in female osteoporosis patients and no significant increase in male osteoporosis patients compared to control group. The results also showed a .. Read More»

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