Swati Khartode S

Consultant Dietitian, Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, Vishwaraj Superspeciality Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India


  • Research   
    Early Recovery of COVID-19 Patients by Using Immunoglobulins Present in Cow Colostrum Food Supplement-A Clinical Study
    Author(s): Swati Khartode S*

    Background: Immunoglobulins in cow colostrum have proven benefits against various dis-eases including recurrent infections. Objective: To evaluate the effect of Immunoglobulins present in cow colostrum for early re-covery in COVID-19 patients. Materials and Methods: Randomized, controlled trial of cow colostrum supplement performed at ‘vishwaraj super speciality hospital’ Pune, Maharashtra, India in September 2020, after appropriate approval by Institutional Ethics Committee. 200 COVID-19 patients were selected by randomization method, in which 100 patients in study group who received colostrum supplement and 100 patients in control group who did not receive colostrum supplement. COVID-19 patients categorized in Mild (n=55), Moderate (n=39) and Severe (n=6) cases, depending on HRCT Chest scan severity s.. Read More»

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