Tasneem Murad

Islamic International medical College, Pakistan


  • Research   
    Flipped Classroom and Insight of Students: Progress in Medical Education and Practices
    Author(s): Noor ul Ain*, Tasneem Murad and Muhammad Azeem ur Rehman

    In the past few years, the concept and approach of Flipped Classroom (FC) has been increasingly opted for the undergraduate medical students. The first route for exposure to content is through online resources for the students in FC application. Then, for promotion of active learning, subsequent face to face/ offline classes are held for student-cantered activities. Even though this approach of FC has been handsomely adopted by students from different contexts, the insight of medical students is still unclear regarding this approach. This review paper provides perception of medical students towards FC, its benefits, and limitations for them. For pre-class preparation activities, medical students have shown positive expression along with occupying, interactive mini classroom projects, especially when they are also given concise and easily accessible online tools. However, concerns were.. Read More»

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