Trinetra Kumar Karna

Koshi Hospital, Biratnagar, Nepal, India


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    Outcomes of Laparoscopic Appendectomy in Eastern Region of Nepal
    Author(s): Ravi Bastakoti, Adarsh Jha*, Rabin Raj Singh, Trinetra Kumar Karna, Kshitij Giri, Sunil Regmi and Atul Dwivedi

    Introduction: Acute Appendicitis is the most common intraabdominal condition which requires emergency surgical treatment. Possibility of appendicitis should be ruled out in any patient presenting acute abdomen symptoms, and a sure preoperative diagnosis is still a challenging task. There are two ways to perform appendectomy. 1. Laparoscopic Appendectomy and 2. Open Appendectomy. Recently laparoscopic appendectomy has been gaining popularity in place of open appendectomy procedure. Appendectomy is a frequent surgical procedure. All surgical procedure has their own long term and short term potential complications. The main short term complications of appendectomy such as infections and intra- abdominal abscesses. Additionally, it's also important to assess the risk of long term complications for abdominal procedures such as ileum and incisional hernia. Finally, mortality is also a c.. Read More»

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