Vaibhav Anjankar

Department of Anatomy, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Wardha, India


  • Review   
    A Review of Bipolar Disorders
    Author(s): Bhumika Ujawane*, Anshu Pangul, Vaibhav Anjankar and Aparna Nashine

    Bipolar disorder is a chronic mental disease and affects more than 1% globally. It causes sudden change in person’s mood and energy and also causes disability to think clearly. Bipolar disorder is caused by imbalance in neurotransmitter and also due to genetic and environmental factors. Bipolar disorder makes person prone to diabetes, cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome. In medical field early diagnosis is rare as nonspecific symptoms or rapid change in mood is characteristic and also biomarkers are not available for bipolar disorder. Depression being the key characteristic increases the risk of suicide. According to the survey by SMR suicides due to bipolar disorder in about 20 times than general population rate. There should be the presence of both nonpsychiatric and psychiatric medical professionals simultaneously. It is said that lithium is usually used so that the risk of.. Read More»

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