Wafaa K Abid

Department of Dentistry, Basrah, Iraq


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    Osteoconductive Efficacy of Marine Shells Nanoparticles Hydroxyapatite in Bone Regeneration-An Experimental Study in Rabbits
    Author(s): Wafaa K Abid* and Alyaa I. Naser

    Introduction: For manipulating new products which used in the treatment of bones diseases, it is essential to understand bone repair and regeneration. Objectives: The purpose was to evaluate the osteogenic response of new synthetic nanohydroxyapatite originated from marine shells in regeneration mandibular bone defects of rabbits. Materials and Methods: 42, domestic male rabbits were divided randomly into 3 classes based on sacrificing days (1week, 2weeks, 4 weeks), every class has fourteen rabbits. Each rabbit was given research material's (Nanoparticles Hydroxyapatite (HAP)). On either sides of the inferior border of the mandible, a three cm parallel incision was rendered after anesthetize the rabbits. To consider as a control group, the first hole on the right side of the mandible was left empty, while the second hole on the left part of the mandible was introduced with 0.25 mg.. Read More»

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