Waleed Khalil Ismael

Department of Maxillofacial, Al- Yarmuk teaching hospital, Iraq


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    The Influence of Gonial Angle on the Incidence of Mandibular Angle Fracture and Evaluation of Treatment Modalities
    Author(s): Dalya Abbood* and Waleed Khalil Ismael

    Background: Fractures of the mandible are the most common facial fractures, despite considerable collective experience and extensive literature on the subject; some aspects of care still remain controversial. Anatomically there is several regional classifications for fracture sites. Each fracture site has different etiological complex factors according to the force, direction, and the nature of trauma also there are endogenous factors may be had relation with fractures evolving mechanism. This study discusses one factor about the gonial angle measurements and its relation to the fracture site, management work up and possible treatment options. Aims of study: The aims of this prospective study are to analyse the association between the gonial angle measurement and the incidence of mandibular angle fracture radiographically and to evaluate the outcome of different treatment modalities c.. Read More»

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