Waleed M. Bawazir

Medical Genetics Unit, Maternity & Children Hospital, Makkah Healthcare Cluster, Ministry of Health, Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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    Reviewing Publication Discussing the Frequency of ABO and Rhesus-D Blood Groups in Saudi Arabia
    Author(s): Saeed M. Kabrah*, Arwa F. Flemban, Asim A. Khogeer and Waleed M. Bawazir

    Background: Since the discovery of the blood group in 1901 by Karl Landsteiner, the ABO grouping became an essential element in blood transfusion, followed by the Rh blood group system, which was discovered in 1940 by Landsteiner and Wiener. These two systems are considered the most clinically significant blood groups due to the high immunogenicity of their antigens and the naturally occurring antibodies for the ABO system. Knowledge of the ABO and Rh blood groups distribution is necessary to recruit voluntary blood donors. Additionally, building an effective management unit inventory at both the regional and national levels is also required. Identifying these blood groups, ABO and Rh antigens, are vital for planning effective strategies for transfusion. Objective: This study aims to review the literature on the distribution and frequency of ABO and Rh blood groups in Saudi Arabia and.. Read More»

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