Yousif Jabbar Jiheel

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Evaluation of Facial Nerve Function Following Preauricular and Submandibular Approaches by using the House-Brackmann Facial Nerve Grading System
    Author(s): Yousif Jabbar Jiheel* and Najwa Jamil Al-Chalabi

    Background: The functional and cosmetic integrity of the facial nerve is critical that should be preserved by the surgeons. Clinically, facial nerve function is evaluated by using the House-Brackmann grading scale, which also allows physician to improve the patient’s facial nerve recovery during follow up periods. Aims of study: The purpose of this study was to assess the facial nerve function following preauricular and submandibular surgical approaches by using the House–Brackmann facial nerve grading system as a means of classifying and measuring the degree and type of injury. Patients and methods:- a prospective study included fifty patients (18 male, 32 female) patients’ age ranged from 18 to 75 years with a mean of 45.16 years were underwent for preauricular approach for parotidectomy and submandibular approach for reduction and fixation of the fracture mandible.. Read More»

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