Zareen Qadeer

Department of Social Work, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan


  • Research   
    Assessing the Quality of Health Reporting in Pakistan: A Content Analysis of Daily the Nation Newspaper
    Author(s): Rameez Mahesar*, Yasra Naeem Pasha, Mubina Pathan and Zareen Qadeer

    Newspapers are the most important sources of information about health. They are the most influential tools to educate the masses about health. Therefore, it was of a profound significance to understand how they work on health sector of Pakistan. The content analysis of health news was carried out throughout the whole year of 2020. For this, an English newspaper of Pakistan “Daily the Nation” was selected to carry out the research because the English newspapers are believed to have the responsible reporting style as they have the well-educated-cum-trained reporters who work on their assignments responsibly. To collect the data, the archive service for newspaper was used, and 101 health news were identified. The news was further split into two portions, 1) those having optimistic claims, and 2) those having pessimistic claims. However, the news which carried positi.. Read More»

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