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The Effect of Adding Nano SiO2 in Combination with Al2O3 and MgO Materials to Microwave Acrylic Resin Denture Base Material on Surface Roughness

Author(s): Mahdi Yaser AL-Hussaini and Layla Mousa Aoda*


short comings. Lengthy polymerization time being one of them and in order to overcome this fact microwave curing method was recommended. The aim of this study to evaluate the effect of adding nano SiO2 in combination with AL2O3 and MgO materials to micro wave acrylic resin denture base material on surface roughness test. Material and method: seventy (70) specimens were prepared to be used in this study, the specimens were divided into (7) groups and each groups have (10) specimens Group A=Specimens without reinforcement materials (control group). Group B=Specimens with 1% SiO2 reinforcement materials. Group C=Specimens with 2% SiO2 reinforcement materials Group D=Specimens with combination [SiO2 (0.5%)+AL2O3 (0.5%)] reinforcement materials. Group E=Specimens with combination [SiO2 (0.5%)+MgO (0.5%)] reinforcement materials. Group F=Specimens with combination [SiO2 (1%)+AL2O3 (1%)] reinforcement materials. Group G=Specimens with combination [SiO2 (1%)+MgO (1%)] reinforcement materials. And AFM used to evaluate the surface topography of new material after adding reinforcement materials. Result: Statistical analysis was carried out using One-way ANOVA and LSD. The result of the current study displayed that the highly significant for surface roughness value was observed in all experimental groups (C, D, E, F and G) except group (B) was Non - significant when compared with control group (A). Conclusion: Within limitation of the present study, it can be concluded that increase surface roughness after adding reinforced materials.

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